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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I retrieve/view my photo online?

Just enter the 12 character code located on your photo print, or your affinity card and click submit on the main page of this website.

When I enter my code, I get an error. What's wrong?

You have most likely mistyped your photo code. Please check the code and click submit again. There should not be any spaces or punctuation characters in your photo code, just letters and numbers.

My code is correct, but I keep getting a message that my photo is not available yet.

Most photos will become available within 24 hours of when they were taken. If you receive a message that your photo is not yet available, please check back later. If you want, you can fill in the notification form with your email address and we will let you notify you by email when your photo is ready.

Note: Sometimes photos post as late as 48 - 72 hours after taken.

What if I lose my photo print/affinity card (photo code)?

Unfortunately Clickit has no other way of determining what your code on the photo was without your photo print or affinity card. For security and privacy reasons, we cannot retrieve your photo without your code.

Will my picture be used for any other purpose?

NO. Your photo is yours to do with what you want. (Exceptions: If you were notified by the program sponsor at the time your photo was taken). Download to your computer, e-mail to a friend, or post to social networks.

How long will my photo be on the website?

Photos for most programs are available for at least 30 days from the time they were taken. Then they will be deleted. If you wish to download the photo to your desktop just click the download button on the photo page.

I'm still having problems with my photo, how can I get additional help?

If you have any further problems or questions that are not addressed here, please click the "Help Me" button below for further assistance.

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